Verve Mobile Extends Cross-Platform Location-Based Audience Targeting:

Verve Mobile Extends Cross-Platform Location-Based Audience Targeting

Verve Mobile, the leader in location-based mobile advertising

today unveiled a revolutionary cross-platform audience targeting solution that allows advertisers to reach consumers throughout the consumer journey and on multiple screens:

from their smartphones and on digital out-of-home screens when they are out and about in the real world, to their tablets and PCs when they are at home or at work.

For example, now a brand advertiser who wants to reach a specific target audience – affluent, stay-at home women with children, for example — can work with Verve to reach those women on their smartphones while planning shopping, on digital out-of-home screens while in the mall, and at home when they are on their PCs planning their week. Verve’s audience platform identifies members of a particular audience segment by observing mobile device locations over time. A device observed at a Whole Foods on a weekday morning, at a soccerplex on a Saturday morning, and at a nearby suburban mall on a weekday afternoon is likely owned by a member of the target audience segment. Other data, such as the demographics of the neighborhood in which the device is observed or the types of retailers in the mall, might also inform the segmentation.

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In addition, Verve uses this model and the scale of its network to offer the broadest data integration product suite in the mobile location-based advertising industry, allowing Verve to overlay its proprietary location data targeting products with third party or CRM data. Verve’s has over a dozen data partners spanning targeting, attribution and CRM integrations.

About Verve
Verve Mobile is the leader in location-based mobile advertising. Verve’s customers are national brand advertisers who want to engage consumers on their mobile devices with location-aware, data-driven and highly targeted marketing. We also serve premium publishers across the nation, delivering the platforms and services they need to power and monetize their mobile properties. The Verve location powered technology platform and the proprietary data it generates are revolutionizing mobile media and advertising. Verve has offices in New York, NY, Chicago, Washington DC and San Diego, CA.

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