Mob City, TNT, Jon Bernthal bring classic gangster drama to Tinseltown

Mob City, TNT, Jon Bernthal from AMC’s The Walking Dead goes gangster in gritty Los Angeles

On Wednesday, Dec. 4, with the premiere of acclaimed filmmaker Frank Darabont’s “Mob City,” TNT brings the classic gangster drama to Tinseltown, which does have the gritty urban landscapes of New York and Chicago, the sandy beaches and palm trees of Miami and Havana, the tall buildings and neon signs of Las Vegas, and even snow (miles away on mountaintops, that is).

When it’s pointed out Los Angeles isn’t associated with the mob as much as other cities, Darabont tells Zap2it, “Well, all the more reason to tell the story of the mob that was, because it’s a largely unexplored area. You’ve seen lots of stories about the mob in Chicago and New York back East.

'Mob City': 'The Walking Dead's' Jon Bernthal goes gangster in gritty Los Angeles.“It’s a lesser-known bit of history now, but it was very prevalent, it was fascinating, what was going on. I didn’t even know the extent of it, until I read John Buntin’s book, ‘L.A. Noir.’

“We’re definitely getting into Mickey Cohen’s world, because that, to my knowledge, has never been done. He’s such a fascinating character, he and Bugsy Siegel. Then certainly there’s everything that was going on in the LAPD at the time, the struggle for the soul of the Los Angeles Police Department, trying to clean out the corruption, William Parker.

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Author: Kate O’hare

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