Honda Hands film celebrates curiosity of Honda engineers, which led to successful Honda innovations over 65 years. Video Shared on Sovereign Media Blog.

Honda Hands TV Commercial

Honda Hands: Making of

This short Honda Hands film celebrates the curiosity of Honda engineers, which has led to some of the most successful Honda innovations over the past 65 years.

Incredibly inspirational, the commercial sees a pair of hands delicately transform an array of vehicles. There’s also a tribute to Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna, as the Brazilian national anthem plays half-way through. A lovely tribute from the folks at Wieden & Kennedy London.

See the full “Making of” story by here: The making of Honda Hands
By Ian Failes

With more than six million views on YouTube, Honda’s ‘Hands’ commercial has been watched and re-watched by everyone from racing car enthusiasts to leaf blowing gardeners. Honda Hands film celebrates curiosity of Honda engineers, which led to successful Honda innovations over 65 years. Video Shared on Sovereign Media Blog.Such is the incredible scope of the extended spot, which features a set of hands folding, twisting and turning iconic Honda products from over the years.

We talk to some of the VFX minds behind the TVC – Nexus Productions technical director Dave Walker, Analog Studios director Mike Merron and Analog lead 3D artist Simon Reeves – about how they filmed Honda Hands with real hands, proxy models and then created the final Honda icons in digital form.

Mike Merron, Analog: After having thought about this being a tricky thing to achieve seamlessly, internally what we started doing was shooting our own tests with a fixed POV and trying to figure out how we could track through different cuts. And also exactly what the hands were holding, knowing they’d need to animate and move and guide animation. We ended up cutting out little bits of cardboard and stitching them together and making little rigs and shooting that to see if we could track to it, and also what happens if we had say a little motorcycle and needed to make it the size of a car.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”550″ height=”315″ autoplay=”no”]We messed around with different bits of foam and tracking markers and cardboard and we’d cut it up and then try and use some sort of crude mix and overlay method to get the hand in the right kind of position, drop in another section of tracking geometry and then continue the motion. To make sure that was working, we had to get that straight back into Nuke, and using the warp tools we had to stitch and patch our way through different takes. It was working pretty well even on basic models and little metal toy cars with tracking markers.

Credits for Honda Hands:

Client: Honda U.K.
Head of Marketing: Olivia Dunn
Creative agency: Wieden + Kennedy, London
Executive creative directors: Tony Davidson and Kim Papworth
Creative team: Chris Lapham and Aaron McGurk
Producer: James Guy
Client service: Laura McGauran and Paulo Salomao
Production Company: Nexus
Directors: Smith & Foulkes
Executive Creative Director: Chris O Reilly
Producer: Tracey Cooper
Production Asst: Fernanda Garcia Lopez
Director of Photography: Clive Norman
Editorial Company: Trim Editing
Editors: Paul Hardcastle and David Slade
VFX Companies: Nexus Productions & Analog
Physical Models: Andy Gent

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