Yahoo Reboots Ad Business in Attempt to Own Ad Tech by Mike Shields

Yahoo Reboots Ad Business in Attempt to Own Ad Tech

Mayer ‘s CES keynote unveils unified Yahoo ad suite, Web buying platform

During a keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced a slew of big changes to Yahoo’s ad business, including the launch of a new unifying brand—Yahoo Advertising—as well as a buying platform—Yahoo Ad Manager—which aims to serve as a central suite of tools for online advertisers to manage all of their buys, not just those that include Yahoo inventory.

In other words, much like AOL’s message at its recent Programmatic Upfront, Yahoo is saying to the ad world: online advertising is too complicated. Programmatic is growing rapidly, but there are too many middlemen. Let us handle everything.

Yahoo Reboots Ad Business in Attempt to Own Ad Tech by Mike Shields“in the big picture, Yahoo Advertising is about a unified ad suite,” Scott Burke, Yahoo’s svp of ad tech told Adweek. “The market is so incredibly fragmented. It’s high time to start simplifying that … including our ad offerings. The idea is unified marketing across different channels. Today that is so challenging, but it’s exactly the vision. We want to scale up our programmatic products. And this is not an owned-and-operated, Yahoo-only solution.”

……Yahoo maintains its own exchange, Right Media. Despite many rumors of its demise, Right Media isn’t dying, but rather going through a total rebirth starting with a new name, Yahoo Ad Exchange.

The new exchange was built on top of Right Media’s technology (so much for the theory that Mayer was in the market for a major ad tech acquisition). “But we’re changing the model of how the exchange works,” said Burke, who acknowledged that Right Media’s inventory reputation had taken a big hit over the years. “We are moving away from the network of networks model,” Burke said. “As this rolls out you’ll see improved network quality, better liquidity, more transparency. We’ve really raised the bar for supply quality. And you will no longer to have multiple accounts and tools. And all accounts have a single director.”

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Author: Mike Shields

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