TV commercials changing right before our eyes Author: Caleb Garling

TV commercials changing right before our eyes

TV Advertising is still the most powerful form of advertising, but the content is many times not viewed on television, but on mobile/online sites

“Advertising is changing at a pace that is even faster than most advertisers want to admit,” says Karel Vinck, managing partner of Duval Guillaume, a Belgian ad agency. “At this moment this disruption in our society is still small, and what most advertisers see is people starting to skip video.”

Nielsen estimates that half of the homes in America have DVRs, a number that’s increased steadily every year since the devices hit the market. That trend is reflected in a 6.2 percent decline in television advertising budgets from 2012 to 2013, according to the Television Bureau of Advertising, the industry’s nonprofit trade association…………….

Ads are entertainment

John Mescall, executive creative director of McCann Australia, notes that advertisers used to have it easy by messaging a largely passive audience. But now “we must attempt to be a valued part of the broad entertainment platform, rather than simply a paid interruption to it.”……………

Super Bowl set pace

Many of the dollars spent on commercial breaks have now shifted into production costs. The content of the commercial is good enough that viewers voluntarily watch and share the clip. The TNT commercial has garnered more than 58 million views on YouTube.

The Super Bowl may have been on to something, leaving viewers more excited about the creativity of the ads than the game itself. “When you get it right in a world where the lines between advertising and entertainment and content are completely blurred, you actually find yourself with greater influence than you’ve ever had before,” says Mescall.

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Author: Caleb Garling

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