Frozen Freezes out 'Paranormal Activity' at the Box Office

‘Frozen’ Freezes out ‘Paranormal Activity’ at the Box Office


It’s rare enough for a movie to return to the Number One spot at the box office a month after vacating it. It’s also rare for a seven-week-old movie to outdistance a strong newcomer, as Frozen did with new release Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, as well as Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle! And it’s rarer still for a movie in its sixth week of wide release to earn an estimated $20.7 million; only Avatar and Titanic, in the sixth week of their respective releases, have done better. Finally, it’s rare for a movie to earn more than $300 million in North America; Frozen is less than $3 million shy of that milestone, and within days, it should become the fourth 2013 film to cross it (the others were Iron Man 3, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and Despicable Me 2).

See the full Rolling Stone story here: ‘Frozen’ Freezes out ‘Paranormal Activity’ at the Box Office

Author: Gary Susman

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