Amazon Prime's episodic rollout of "Alpha House" and "Betas" makes sense -- for Amazon

Amazon Original Comedies episodic rollout of “Alpha House” and “Betas”

Amazon Original Comedies

When Amazon Studios’ first original series “Alpha House” debuted on Nov. 15, it arrived on Amazon Prime with just three episodes available – the original episode of the political comedy, which bowed during Amazon Prime’s pilot season this spring, and the first two new ones after Amazon picked up the show.

That’s only three episodes with new installments coming every Friday, but in a streaming video environment where bingeing on entire seasons is the order of the day, why is Amazon counting calories?

Amazon instant video original Alpha-HouseThis could have something to do with Amazon’s free-for-a-month introductory offer to sell Prime service based on “Alpha House” and “Betas,” the Silicon Valley-based comedy that rolled out its first three episodes on Friday.

Presumably, the hope is that enough people will be enticed to sign up for Prime after seeing the first half of these series, all so they can see the rest of the episodes after their the clock runs out on their free trials.

Alpha House “A political comedy from the mind of Garry Trudeau starring John Goodman with a cameo from Bill Murray. Starring: John Goodman, Mark Consuelos. Directed by: Adam Bernstein

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