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Emmys: Kate Mara and Aaron Paul to Announce Nominations

Kate Mara and Aaron Paul at the Emmys

The “House of Cards” star Kate Mara and the “Breaking Bad” winner Aaron Paul will appear at this year’s press conference, set for July 18.

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New Look At Russell Crowe As Noah | Movie News | Empire

New Look At Russell Crowe As Noah

Phil de Semlyen Writes: New Look At Russell Crowe As Noah:

The oldtrinos are mutating

Darren Aronofsky’s Noah is much more than a 2012-for-biblical-times effects-fest.

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USAA Production Shoot

In Vehicle and Driving Shots on the Set of the USAA Production Shoot

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USAA Production Shoot

Another productive day on set with the USAA Production Shoot. thanks to the talent and production team!

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Samsung 55 inch curved OLED TV

Samsung 55 inch curved oled tv is in So Korea!

Samsung and LG both showed off curved OLED TVs at CES in January

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Michael J. Fox, Michael Gross, Connie Britton Remember Gary David Goldberg

Remember Gary David Goldberg, Writer and Producer

Michael J. Fox, Michael Gross, Connie Britton Remember Gary David Goldberg.

The Emmy-winning writer and producer who died June 22 at age 68 drew tributes from the cast and writers of his biggest hits, “Family Ties” and “Spin City.”

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Jurassic Park IV coming 2014

Jurassic Park IV

on its way with New underwater dinos! coming 2014-ish

While there’s nothing official on the next Jurassic Park film, director Colim Trevorrow did address a question regarding the rumor “reboot” that has been attached to the film thus far.

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Amazon Prime's episodic rollout of "Alpha House" and "Betas" makes sense -- for Amazon

Amazon Original Comedies episodic rollout of “Alpha House” and “Betas”

Amazon Original Comedies

When Amazon Studios’ first original series “Alpha House” debuted on Nov. 15, it arrived on Amazon Prime with just three episodes available – the original episode of the political comedy, which bowed during Amazon Prime’s pilot season this spring, and the first two new ones after Amazon picked up the show.

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USAA Production Shoot Photos

Crane Shot On Set with the Amazing USAA Production Team, overlooking the C130 for the USAA Military Insurance Shoot.

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USAA Production Shoot Photos

On Set with the Production Team and Soldiers and C-130 plane for the USAA Military Insurance Shoot.

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